SEO Rreseller Program

Earn large commissions month after month with SEO Company of India SEO reseller plans.  Website developers, designers, website hosting companies or any individuals or businesses looking to help their clients achieve greater success online while also earning a commission have found the best SEO reseller program available.

PRIMARY PLAN: Long Term Commissions

Our SEO reseller packages are designed to give you long-term commissions.  You receive a commission on our initial contract and every month we bill that client.  Clients sign 6, 12 and 24 month contracts meaning you earn increasing commissions month after month while your client enjoys increased website traffic, higher conversion rates and a stronger online presence.

SEO Reseller Plans that make YOU Look Good
Our performance based pricing means clients enjoy the confidence of knowing they are paying for results which gives them confidence and peace of mind.  You look good when you refer clients to SEO Company of India through our SEO reseller packages.

Our top notch team based in New York and Florida work hard to achieve results and provide the highest level of customer service.  Whether we work under your company's umbrella or you refer the client outright, you earn commissions while also knowing your clients are thrilled with the referral.

Our Unique SEO Packages
White Hat Marketing, LLC offers unique traffic building packages that are highly affordable.  Incorporating elements of search engine optimization, e-mail marketing and online public relations in each package we are able to get the best possible results.  Clients enjoy higher rankings, brand recognition, consumer confidence and loyalty.  And you enjoy bigger commissions.

Case Study:  SEO Reseller Packages
Jason, one of our  SEO resellers, earned the following commissions in May 2007:

4 new clients referred resulting in commission of:  $456.90
Monthly billing (8 previously referred clients) resulting in commision of: $1000.00
Monthly commission check:  $1500.00

SEO Resller Programs that Make Sense
White Hat Marketing's seo reseller programs make sense for you and your clients.  Why only receive an initial commission?  Receive a commission month after month for each client you send us.

You can close the deal or we can close it!  Our sales department has an outstanding closing rate and our internal sales teams are great at upselling.


In our secondary SEO resell plan you would be completly project owner and you would have direct dealing with your client. We only would be paid according to our services. We wouldn't contact or deal directly with your client, we only resell our service to you at cheaper price. Hence we would help you providing SEO service which your client needs. If you are web designing or web developing companies don't have time to do seo or sem for your client, you can hire us seo or sem projects for reducing your work load and burden If you are searching a best seo reseller company India then you are right place and right choice. So don't waist your time, contact us soon SRI Technologies.

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