Guaranteed SEO Services

Our guaranteed SEO services can provide excellent and valuable references from satisfied clients and we therefore target selective but qualitative projects to work on. Our results are measurable and can be tracked for your better marketing effectiveness. We work after thoroughly understanding you business objective and goals and plans to achieve through SEO in both short and long term. We apply many techniques to make your webpage quickly appear in searches such as using keywords etc.

Our Guaranteed SEO Services India

SEO GurantteIn case we fail to live up to our promise of delivering top 10 rankings inside 6 months, we will continue to provide our web SEO services FREE OF COST till your website obtains the intended rankings.

Our guaranteed SEO services deliver results within 5-6 months for a usual set of 5 to 15 keywords. For 60% of our agreed keyword, we guarantee top 10 Google rankings. And rest 40% of our agreed keywords, we guarantee Google rankings among top 20 positions.

We at SRI Tech feel that all clients have the right to test our services and judge for themselves. With that in mind, we offer a money back guarantee to new clients for the first month. "It is the right of every client to checkout our SEO work for keeping long-term, risk-free business relationship with us. That is why we stand by our words",

"SRI Tech provides a 100% guarantee to new clients. If a client feels that SRI Tech’s efforts do not justify its fees during the first 30 days of the campaign, we will refund the amount spent (except for the actual costs borne by SRI Tech during the 30 days)." We provide this money back guarantee because of the confidence we have in our professionals. We are confident that we will satisfy our clients by providing effective results.

In current market you’ll find more than many SEO service companies catering to its clients and for clients there are many to choose from. Here comes the need of a clear trade-off, either your website will be displayed within the search pages committed or you won’t pay. This means that your web-page will be displayed within the search result committed to you and not outside. SEO Company India (SEO Company of India) provide you the work of SEO with a guarantee of your pages appearing in the first few search pages, If not the first. Search engines account for the major Internet traffic and some of them are Google and Bing. We work in order to bring your pages highlighted in the first few searches on these engines with a guarantee to give a competitive edge over your competitors.

Guaranteed SEO services in its simplest form can be termed as something that helps us take advantage to enhance your business by improving your online presence. This will help you in enticing your potential customer to do business with you.

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