Google, Bing, Yahoo Local Listing

This is the wish of each and every website to appear at the top most position in search results. There are listings on Google which rank the page of websites before displaying. Every website holder understands how important it is to be at the top page of Google. Google local listing services are the way to make your website to appear at the top most position. Google listing does not guarantee that Google will show your website in the top ten positions.

Google Yahoo Bing Local Listing

The following steps should be followed:-

Step 1 - For creating an account with Google go to their homepage and click the login button. After signing up, verify your account and then move to next step.

Step 2 - Check whether your website has a Google local listing or not by typing the address of your business. If name appears it means that your business is already listed. Google may have gathered the required information through yellow page listing etc. If address does not appear then add your website by clicking on add new business.

Step 3 - To create listing fill out the business address and contacts. Also add business description. Google allows a limit of 200 characters for description.

Step 4 – Select business categories. This includes the products and services that your website is offering.

Step 5 – finally fill out the additional details such as any other stuff or any specialty brand.

Thus your website can achieve good ranking and can attract more customers. This ultimately leads to huge profits.

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