Blog Submission

Internet has touched everybody’s life in some way or the other. With every new day the number of people adding to the internet community is huge. With more people adding to the community, services such as blogs and other online resources have started pilling up. Blogs in specific have made its mark in past few years. This is considered to be an easy and convenient form of reaching people with a significant message to be conveyed. Blogs submissionservices have thus increased in numbers and to keep your blog highlighted in most of the searches, (organisation name) provide you some refined and tailor-made services with a fulcrum of features attached to it. Blogs within the websites are considered to be a profound way of generating traffic and visibility to enhance your sites recognition.

Blog Submission Services

The blog submission is in some way similar to the website directory submission. Similar to web directory submission, (organisation name) submits your web blogs to some specific and niche blog directories which eventually help in increasing the blog’s popularity. We also target your blog page’s rank to be increased thereby giving you the maximum hits such as some blogs do have the voting rights for its visitors which eventually helps you in creating the brand value of your blog and increase the popularity.


* Up to 3 links and anchor texts allowed in your article.
* With 1000 blogs we now have more variety of the blogs we post to.
* After we post your article to the blogs we ping the blogs for faster indexing.
* We have an range of hosts for the blogs with many different C- Class Ip's.
* A report of each blog posts is provided directly to your article.
* With each package ordered at least 30% of the blogs will have pagerank.

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